Who We Are

ACMatic, Inc. is more than a marketing firm. We know that a successful marketing campaign isn’t measured in clicks, opens, or coupon redemptions. It is measured in revenue generation and profits.

Our team looks beyond what is needed to generate new leads. We are there to help you to convert those leads into sales. And, we want to help you to have a solid strategy for sourcing, production, fulfillment, customer service and administrative tasks.

In short, we are marketing and business consultants that focus on creating the most value for our clients. What we do for you will depend on what you need.

Amber Ponce, co-founder and CEO of ACMatic, Inc.

Amber Ponce
Co-Founder / CEO

Mike Haynes, Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer of ACMatic, Inc.

Mike Haynes
Co-Founder / CMO

Caleb Smith
Co-Founder, Technical Consultant

Why ACMatic?

After working together successfully for many years as a marketing, sales and business development team, Amber, Caleb and Mike co-founded ACMatic, Inc. We wanted to do more than name the business after ourselves, we wanted a name to inspire us and our clients. We found this inspiration in “acmatic”, which is an adjective defined as relating to the highest point or pinnacle; ultimate. In our vision, the pinnacle is not a static peak or one time achievement. Instead, we reach and sustain success through constant elevation, where tomorrow’s results exceed today’s best.

Our Skills and Experience

Our experience, passion and skills are broad. We have worn a number of hats in our careers, which enables us to empathize with our clients. Our team has achieved success in the following business areas:


  • Product Research & Positioning
  • Market Research & Strategy
  • Website Content Creation & Enhancement
  • Public Relations Campaigns
  • Trade Publication Contributing Author
  • Search Engine Optimization / Organic Website Traffic Improvement

  • Digital Advertising – Search, Display, Remarketing

  • Printed Marketing Material Design


  • Documentation / Development of Standard Operating Procedures

  • Waste Reduction / Lean Auditing
  • Product Testing & Development
  • Component Sourcing
  • Inventory & Warehouse Management
  • eCommerce – New Business Launch
  • Sales Tax Compliance & Automation

  • Packaging and Fulfillment Systems
  • Shipping & Logistics Processes


  • Differentiation and Value Proposition

  • B2B (Business-to-Business) Sales Growth

  • B2C (Business-to-Consumer) Sales Growth

  • Customer Relationship Management Development

  • Sales Strategy Development

  • Sales Protocol Documentation & Training

  • Competitor Research & Strategic Positioning

More About the ACM of ACMatic

Amber Ponce, Co-Founder/Chief Executive Officer

My early work experience helped me to empathize with the people serving in a wide variety of roles and industries. The next phase of my career spanned over 15 years with an innovative business based in West Michigan. During my tenure, I helped to launch three divisions, two of which were business-to-business (B2B) and another business-to-consumer (B2C) eCommerce brand. I was involved in nearly every aspect of each launch.

Like many West Michigan teens, I began working at a young age in a local fast food restaurant. I waited tables, edited the community college newspaper (while I was still in high school), filed human resources paperwork, recorded and tracked scrap metal waste, handled member correspondence for a nonprofit, served on a task force responsible for merging the accounting software of two leading east coast corporate and securities law firms, and performed forensic accounting prep for celebrity divorces – all by the time I was 22 years old. Much of this I did while a full time student.

What is probably my favorite aspect of work is the documentation of current best practices (sometimes called standard operating procedures). Anyone who has worked with me knows how rewarding I find making sure I only have to learn a process once and then sharing what I’ve learned with others.

Mike Haynes, Co-Founder/Chief Marketing Officer

I earned my bachelor’s degree in marketing from Baker College in Muskegon and then embarked on a career journey that has shaped my marketing expertise. My initial post-graduation experience involved working with a small local business that had a global presence. During my tenure there, I gained hands-on experience in all aspects of marketing, providing me with a comprehensive understanding of what it takes to develop a successful and robust marketing strategy.

It was during this time that I had the privilege of meeting my future partners at ACMatic. After a decade of collaboration, we collectively decided that our skills and knowledge could be better utilized to uplift multiple local businesses, rather than focusing on just one. At ACMatic, my primary role is to gain a comprehensive understanding of the businesses we partner with, enabling us to pinpoint the most impactful strategies to enhance their bottom line. We don’t stop at generating leads; we actively work towards strengthening the financial health of our partners. Through tailored, customized plans that address the specific needs of each business, we ensure that every marketing investment yields measurable dividends.

Caleb Smith, Co-Founder, Technology Consultant

My technical background is comprised of over a decade of experience in website development, database administration, and computer networking. Before joining ACMatic, I worked as a junior DBA (database administrator) for a local CRM (customer relationship management) software provider. I’ve also helped businesses launch business-to-consumer divisions, providing support in marketplace listings and optimization, website development, and customer service. Many of my skills are self-taught, and many are the result of a generous amount of guidance from my colleagues – Amber and Mike included. In my time working together with Amber and Mike, we have encouraged each other to grow and developed strong working and personal relationships.

Outside of Work

Amber has designed and constructed costumes for shows at Muskegon Civic Theatre, West Michigan Academy of Arts and Academics, Mona Shores High School Choir, and Central Park Players. She currently serves as Treasurer for Central Park Players, where she also volunteers her services for website design and development.

At home, she enjoys spending time with her two teenage kids, husband, and their rapidly growing family of pets, which includes bearded dragon Kiwi with her sisters Chloe (a pit terrier mix adopted from Michele’s Rescue) and Calliope (a sassy tabby adopted from Heaven Can Wait).

Mike keeps busy with close friendships he has maintained since childhood, which have taken him as far as Europe to the local ice where he skates in a hockey beer league. Mike is a nonfiction audiobook and podcast junkie.  He enjoys the outdoors and traveling with the amazing Anna. He spends more of his free time than he expected at the beck and call of his senior Pomeranian / Eskimo dog, Lou.

Caleb has many hobbies, including but not limited to: writing, woodworking, and making music.

To relax, he enjoys spending time with his partner and their lovable ham of a cat, Chloe (aka Clovis, Clobo, Queen Chloe).